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Years of experience




Our goal is to deliver high impact, cost effective, & culturally competent capacity building programs to Afghans in particular to youth.


  • To raise awareness, understanding and knowledge on peace process and peacebuilding.
  • To provide basic, civic and vocational education as well as trainings for all especially youth in order to make them literate and empowered.
  • To eliminate gende rinequalities in primary and secondary education by achieving equality in education, with ensuring girl's full and equal access to basic education of good quality.
  • To improve the environmental condition for social cohesion initiatives.

Core Values

The following are the core values that guide the operations of DELTA

Social Justice and Equity

We wor kwith other NGOs to promot eequality, dignity and more just society, especially with regard to the poor and marginalized.

Inclusivity and Respect

We value th eperspectives and contributions of all people, and incorporate the viewpoints of diverse communities in our work. We strive to create an open,compassionate and trusting environment that facilitates learning, dialogue and healthy debate to inform and strengthen philanthropy.

Gender and diversity

We recognize the need for our work to reflect and promote respect for gender and diversity issues.

Collective action and solidarity

We strive forjoint action and cooperation whenever justified by our mission, and stand with and by other NGOs and CSOs when they are faced with challenges in their work.


As NGO, we strive and work toward ssustainable development outcomes within the NGO sector.



Capacity Building




Focus Group Discussion


Coordination Session


  • All
  • DELTA Implemented RACC Projects
  • UN WFP Projects
  • IRD/KFZ Projects

DELTA Organization Main Purpose

The main purpose of DELTA organization is to extend its relief and development assistance in every aspect to those Afghans who have been badly affected during war in the last four decades in Afghanistan.



At DELTA, we need your contribution in any form. You can participate in the rehabilitation process directly or indirectly by helping us in many ways. We desperately need more resources to make our work consistently on and later expand our wings to more geographic areas and more projects to bring in more rehabilitation and relief services which can further turn into significant prosperity in Afghanistan. Our work and our projects are incomplete without help from you and we make big with your small help. You can help DELTA in following ways;

* Be a Volunteer
* Donate us Food and Material
* Donate us New or Used Piece of Material
* Your Cash Donations


Since we have limited human resources and expertise in Afghanistan and at DELTA, we cannot afford too many staff on paid salaries, so we seek volunteer workers of any trade. You can contribute DELTA in rehabilitation process in Afghanistan, being a volunteer worker at our projects. You can donate your skills & expertise, your time or even valuable ideas to contribute with us. All we need your valued and exclusive contribution at our projects. You can play any role according to your expertise, you can be project planner or a worker cleaning roads, or an engineer who can work at our projects, we need your valued time and skills at all levels. Please send your resume, clearly mentioning your specific work and your decision to work as volunteer, kindly send resume at our email address hr@delta-af.org for your deputation at our project.


You can help us in continue growth efforts carried by DELTA vide several rehabilitation programs in Afghanistan.
You can donate Food and Food items in Afghanistan.
Hunger and drought related relief services are desperately needed by us to extend our project arena and geography to other regions in Afghanistan. You can you send us food items of any kind, backed, tinned, packed, beverages, chocolates, Cereals, fresh fruits, dry fruits, sugar, tea or whatever you believe can be fed into local Afghan communities. You are requested to please check expiry date of food items before sending to us.


Funds are needed at crucial to accomplish our large scale projects, We are thankful for our kind donors for their regular financial help which made us operating and working for rehabilitation work in Afghanistan. However we always need more funds to address our projects in details, as well as extend our projects scopes and geography in other new regions. We want to reach and extend our projects in other cities for which we need more funds. With your generous financial help, we can do this possible. You can send us your financial donations thru following bank account; we will send you Confirmation Slip accordingly.

Thematic Areas

DELTA has continuously built its capacity in coordination and networking as well as in advocacy and enabling environment and has worked towards improing the quality of services it delivers in all its thematic areas. Due to its rich experience in project management and social cohesion, DELTA has become capable to increase the size of its projects, the coverag eareas, and the quality and diversity of its services. One of the important achievements of the organization is that DELTA has become areliable partner of its donors across Afghanistan.

Performing coordination among the various actors through a number of forums i.e. general assembly, panel meetings, sectorial working group meetings as well as bilateral meetings; processing the information and re-distributing them in the forms of minutes, reports, publications and etc.
Networking that we focus includes work related to developing and strengthening communication and exchange systems between organizations and/or individuals.
DELTA has been trying to bring together groups that are pursuing a common outcome. We believe that effective coordination must include both formal and less formal workers, at every level of the system, in skills –and relationship-building to foster linkages within and among local

DELTA’s advocacy and lobbying activities add value to ensure that both the public and public authorities understand and support their cause, gaining strength and credibility.
We organize advocacy programs to change policies and practices; reform institutions; alterpower relations; change attitudes and behaviors; give project work a broader impact.
Advocacy helps us strengthen civil societies and expand democratic space by: encouraging consultation and the participation of citizens in all levels of policy-making

Helping NGOs and Civil Societies ' actors in building their institutional as well as human resource capacity via conducting various types of capacity building forums such as soft skills trainings , institution development workshops and good governance programs and etc .; so that they become well- established and reliable institutions by having proper management , leadership , as well as transparent financial systems . We have expert faculty available for capacity building of the human capital , increasing knowledge and expertise of individuals , institutions , and communities . We are carefully and successfully undertaking all these programs in all thematic areas where our clients endeavor to empower local and targeted communities . Trainings DELTA delivers includes activities designed to strengthen specific skills and knowledge . Training methods used include workshops . conferences and short courses . These are in a wide range of areas such as voter education . methods to encourage greater participation of women in political processes , as well as training in new technologies .

In developing countries every intervention is based on the research , assessment and evaluation . DELTA has much experience in carrying out research , assessment and evaluation assignments throughout Afghanistan . We are very optimistic about the use of data and analyses of research and evaluation work in Afghanistan by the donor agencies and governmental institutions of Afghanistan . To provide the accurate and reliable data , information , analysis and future trends we are consistently developing our capacity in the field of research , assessment and evaluation . Due to a vast network across the country , we can easily and successfully carry out any sort of research , assessment and evaluation . Research that we focus involves in - depth studies on specific issues as well as publications arising from research . Moreover , we offer technical assistance which encompasses a broad range of CSO activities including consultancy support and hands - on assistance in the field . knowledge transfer and election monitoring . We provide technical assistance within the framework of a specific project

Development Education Learning and Training Association ( DELTA ) 18 operating with more than 36 employees in the main office and 18 professionals spread across its 9 provinces of intervention : Kandahar , Helmand , Zabul , Arozgan , Nimroz , Balk , Samangan , Sarepol & Jawzjan . The organization is a highly skilled and resourceful national development organization with 20+ years of national experience - managing innovative teams , implementing programs and projects in challenging and developed environments . and is led by highly qualified male and female nationals having the greatest experience and knowledge .


At DELTA, our vision for Rehabilitation Programs for Afghanistan is of a free, democratic, healthy and green Afghanistan based on social justice and the absence of violence against women and children. DELTA is aiming to improve the standard of living for the disadvantaged members of the Afghan society such as women and children, orphans in Afghanistan.

DELTA Organization Main Purpose

The main purpose of DELTA organization is to extend its relief and development assistance in every aspect to those Afghans who have been badly affected during war in the last four decades in Afghanistan.

Mandate and Mission

DELTA mandate and mission is to implement multi-sector emergency, rehabilitation, educational, agricultural, economic, social, reconstruction, development and capacity building projects which are designed to foster self-reliance, in addition to empowering Afghans to meet their future needs while creating the socio-economic condition that promote peace, stability and coherence.

Governance Structure

DELTA organization abides and adheres strongly and strictly to its organization-based policies and is controlled by its proactive administration.


DELTA organizational ethics is concerned with standards and principles for human behavior within the organizational structure to avoid harmful behavior and to promote those behaviors that ensure an ambiance of fairness, trust, honesty, and respect.


The development and maintenance of the essential public infrastructure is an important ingredient for sustained economic growth and poverty reduction in a developing country such as Afghanistan. Infrastructure investment can lift economic growth and support social objectives. Health, education, and efficient water and sanitation services help lay the groundwork for a more productive, healthy population capable of contributing to sustained economic growth.


Clean water is a basic need. Yet many people in Kandahar do not have access to clean drinking water. The availability of clean drinking water is obviously of great importance to human health. Unclean water causes infectious diseases resulting in many casualties. However, not having access to clean water also affects education and poverty. Women and children are forced to walk long distances to fetch water, often in unsafe areas. As they need so much time to fetch water, there is no time left for going to school or working.


Successful conflict resolution occurs by listening and providing opportunities to meet each side's needs, and adequately address their interests so that they are each satisfied with the outcome. Therefore, building the capacity of community elders, organizations working at the community level, youths and traditional councils for promote peace and deliver effective conflict resolution programs, which can play a vital role in reduction of conflicts and cultivate the culture of peace at community level in Afghanistan.

Our Donors